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A page devoted to mathematics, technology, fractals and moving fractals


More technological Bits

Vintage fractals and functions.  2D and 3D. From 1986.

How to open this kind of bulb cap

Force page break in LibreOffice Calc

Mozart en el 250 aniversario de su nacimiento. De 1756 a 2006

Nexoos 580 Soyntec Y - How to insert the SIM card

Nexus 7 tablet unpacked. First Android 4.1 Jelly Bean device



The fractal programs of the author:

Interactive Moving Fractal Tree
(You need Java)
Tree Poem
older msdos version:
(may not work in modern PCs)
arbol209.zip (44 KB)

  • Center of Gravity fractal: cdg103.zip (37 KB).  MSDOS.  Source included.


Relative Positions of Three Planes in Space


Formulas to solve Polynomial Equations



Other programs from the author:

Please note that MSDOS programs may not fully work in modern PCs with default configuration.

  • Put "n" electrons into a hollow sphere and watch them repel one another: vert112.zip (40 KB).  Do they generate The Five Platonic Polyhedra?  MSDOS.  Source included.

  • La última versión del programa: hot203.zip (45 KB) para descriptar el "FILES" de la revista "HOT Shareware".  Descripta desde el numero 3 hasta (al menos) el 30 (de marzo de 1998). MSDOS.  Fuente incluído.

  • Para resolver los problemas de cifras del antiguo programa de televisión (de La 2) "Cifras y Letras": cyl209.zip (75 KB).  Resuelve todos los problemas solubles.  También puedes resolver un problema concreto introduciendo los números manualmente.   MSDOS.  Fuente incluído.

  • Escott's sliding blocks puzzle: ec109.zip. (28 KB) MSDOS.  Source included.


His favourite TV series:

(NORTHERN EXPOSURE) Doctor en Alaska (Spanish)


Old programs to calculate PI:

  • Made in 1992.  A very good program to calculate PI under MSDOS, made in Spain by the Canary Víctor Castro Reyes: pitres.zip (9 KB).
  • Made in 1995.  One of the best programs to calculate digits of PI under Windows98 / NT, super_pi.zip (73 KB), look: super_pi.txt (text in Spanish).
  • Made in 1996.  Another program to compute PI under MSDOS, by the Spaniards: Juan Carlos Duran Sánchez and José Escuadra Burrieza: calcpi.zip (18 KB).

Compute PI fast...


Links about PI:

  • Poem about Pi (in Spanish) by the Polish Nobel Price: Wislawa Szymborska.

Other Mathematical Links:


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